(About Monterey Meat Shop)

Monterey Foods Corporation (formerly Monterey Farms Corporation) began in 1969 with one 1,200-hectare cattle ranch in Isabela. In 1980, it became a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation, the Philippines’ largest food, beverage, and packaging conglomerate.

Today, it is the country’s largest hog and cattle operation, with the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing, and meat processing. Monterey meat have gone through an advanced blast-chilling process right after slaughter so bacterial growth is neutralized and freshness and nutrition is locked in.

Monterey meat goes through a process that has passed the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System. The HACCP is an international, preventive quality management system designed to identify and prevent any potential hazards in the food. For a food company to earn the right to implement the HACCP system, it must consistently pass the internationally accepted measures of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Sanitation Operating procedures (SSOP). Monterey has consistently received the Best and Cleanest Slaughterhouse and was given the Best Meat Establishment award by NMIS in 2004 and 2005 with the revered Seal of Excellence.

Recently, ISO Certification was given to Monterey Cavite Meatplant. The certification was awarded by SGS Philippines Inc., Systems and Services Certification, a BPS (Bureau of Product Standard)- Accredited Certification body, to express that the quality management system of MCMP has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for the following activities: Slaughter, production and delivery of meat products (chilled pork carcass, chilled beef carcass, wet market carcass, by-products, chilled and frozen pork primals, chilled and frozen beef primals) and the sale of live hogs and cattle.

Monterey’s commitment to total quality extends from its farm to its countrywide distribution network. Its quality meat products are delivered by refrigerated Monterey trucks and are available in a variety of Monterey outlets, namely Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops, supermarkets, and Monterey satellite outlets.

Monterey meat products are part of everyday Filipino life. With its “farm to market” concept, the Filipino consumer is assured of quality meats for every meal.